Making a game a business can’t be compared to a game business. Ambrose Bierce
This is an exciting card game with many followers around the world. Its origin is in Italy, where it takes its name derived from the word zero since the most valuable cards in other games here are worth zero. Then he goes to Italy and becomes a favorite pastime of the aristocracy. And it is still a favorite of many players who find a unique style compared to other card games.

The General rules of baccarat are quite simple. It is a bet on which of the two possibilities will arise in the bet: the player wins or the pot wins. In bets allowed are player, Bank or tie.

The game determines who wins closest to the sum of 9 at the end of the game. And to do this, we need to know the cost of the cards and how to perform the amount of points. This is the least clear when watching the game in action, but it is very simple, it requires only a little practice.

For starters, let’s say you play with a single deck of 52 cards without jokers . Each time the hand ends, the cards are shuffled again and placed on the cloth.

The croupier is alternately dealt with two player cards and two to the bench and if necessary there is a third round of cards, on the scale received. Cards are distributed all from the front.

10 and numbers are worth 0 points, and an ACE is 1. The rest retains the original cost of the card. The top ten is removed from the total score, so 5 and 9 are worth, for example, 4 points. This means that the score can never exceed nine endpoints.

When the score is high, for example, 7, it is considered a natural game, and there is no way to draw a new card so that the hands are dealt. If the opponent adds 8 or 9 won. On the contrary, if your score is lower, it is a winning game. And if both hands have the same score, it is considered a draw

If the player’s cards add 5 or less points, he can ask (take). If they add 6 or 7, it can happen ( stand up ), and if they add 8 or 9 natural, then it should happen. The same applies to a Bank that must ask (draw) in accounts 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or pass (stand) in 6 or 7.

As for the bets, those that are paid on the player’s hand are from 1 to 1. The ones in the Bank, too, but unlike the others, they have to pay a commission on the house. If there are a draw and a win on one bet, the win value is 8 to 1. The other two bets – the player and the Bank-are considered invalid because they are not paid or charged.

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