In old good times, high representatives of society gathered at a red velvet table to spend a pleasant evening playing this game. Time passes, bringing us a big diversity of baccarat online games, but the purpose of the game has not changed. The history of this type of entertainment is still shrouded in mystery. Some historians suggest that the origins of this card game came from France, Spain or from Italy.

Modern Times

To play baccarat online or a real one, there are special gaming tables with markings installed. To distribute cards among players, modern gambling establishments use a special Sabot machine. For playing baccarat online, it is not required as it is done automatically. The maximum number of players participating simultaneously is 14.

Live baccarat online is an easy card game, with a quick determination of the winner. To get their winnings, the participant only needs to make a bet. The further outcome will be known only after the final distribution of cards and the announcement of the results.

Purpose of the Game

The main task of players is to predict the outcome, which determines the victory of the player or dealer. The rules of the baccarat online say: at a certain time, all participants place their bets on one of the outcomes of the game and expect results. Possible bet options: punto, banco, and draw.

Possible Combinations

The winning combinations in all the types of the game including mini baccarat online are the total combination of two cards, the face value of which is from eight to nine points.

The nominal value of cards from two to nine in EZ baccarat online is the same, the ace gives 1 point, and the rest of the pictures have no value. If a player has a total value of more than nine points, then ten points are subtracted from their value. In other words, the value of the cards on the player’s hands will always be within nine.


When playing baccarat online real money, you can make 3 types of bets by placing them at a specific area of ​​the table:

  • For a player – the deposit is made on a positive result of the player and in case of victory is returned in a monetary equivalent 1:1.
  • For a dealer – the deposit is made on in favor of the dealer and in case of victory is returned in 1:1 with the commission of 5%.
  • For a draw – the deposit is made for the same results of both the dealer and the player. in case of victory, it is returned to the guesser in the equivalent of 8:1 or 9:1.

Baccarat Strategy

Like any fascinating entertainment, baccarat online free is a fascinating game that can bring profit and loss to the players. The developed strategies for other entertaining games in baccarat do not work since the principle of chance and luck is laid in the basis. To play baccarat online free you do not require any deposits, so this is a perfect chance to learn the rules and make your own strategy.

Today, several types of playing baccarat may be used in entertainment establishments, however, the main uniting element is getting 8 or 9 points. The only thing you should carefully follow if you play for real money is your bankroll. If you don’t want to bet your own money – play mini baccarat online for free.

Not every card game is surrounded by legends, but to play baccarat online for free may be a perfect end of the working day. Are you ready?

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