Life is a game that no one can ever get out of by taking their profits.
Andre Mauroy

Originating in Europe, baccarat, or baccarat is a favorite among those who love card games.

It is born to some in Italy, while others get it from Chemin de Fer or baccarat in a French Bank. Thus he took various forms of play and the number of cards in Sabo as early as the nineteenth century.

It gained great prestige among the European aristocracy, and then entered the casino as a cult game of the upper class.

Although its rules are simple, it requires an excellent style and balance, which only gives continuous practice and knowledge of all its rules perfectly.

It refers to casino games against the Bank, as the player faces no other opponents, but the Bank itself.

Different versions of baccarat can have from 52 cards to 6 full decks. And the game table or scoreboard can be oval or quadrangular. Exclusive baccarat halls can also be registered in casinos around the world to guarantee the privacy of players who, of course, bet large amounts of money.

The player’s bets can be three: a point, a pot, or a draw. In contrast, the croupier is only allowed to bet on the bench.

After placing a bet, the tension arises in anticipation of which of the two sides will get the closest number to 9 points, depending on the value of the cards in the game.

To do this, they are dealt clogs 4 cards-starting with the player’s hand-the deck this contains, and which are completely mixed after each game. It is considered that the winning combination is closest to 9 points. In addition to winning or losing, there may be a chance that there is a draw, or that a third card should be given, which in this case is open.

Now we are ready to play, you just need to know the value of each card: aces are worth one point, the numbers 10 and the numbers are zero, and the rest of the cards retain the value of each.

The originality of this game is that the sum of 10 points is worth 0 (or baccarat ), and the first amount is taken from the total amount: 9 and 5 are not 14, but 4, 8 and 9, the sum of 7 and so on.

Baccarat is an exciting game that will get more followers. And this is due to several reasons. Among the main ones, it is known that it is a fast and clever game with stakes in every game that keeps emotions alive. And on the other hand, it’s not just a game of chance, although its rules are easy to learn. Each player’s strategy is to know how to choose one of the three bets and when to retire on time!

Because, as in any game, the greatest wisdom is to understand that not all hands will be winners, or luck will accompany us all the time.

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